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She glides along to the grace of the music
The sharp blades create spectacular designs on the crystal surface
She jumps and twists
Her powerful legs land lightly as the blades carve deep into the ice
Smiles proudly as she soars across;
Her skirt gently mimicking every slight movement of her hips
Her long hair softly trails behind her
she shows great control
Performs gracefully like an elegant dancer;
Creating invisible patterns with the quick movements of her arms


The wind is cool and calm
Cold concrete delivers relief to my feet
A light breeze wafts by and cools my warm cheeks
I hear faint chirps from the gorge
Crickets seem so loud in the silence
Still trees would dance to every breath of the wind
Darkness has stolen all green from the trees
All the world is black or gray
Brave stars gleam proudly
Crisp leaves crunch as lizards creep through them
The air carries a light scent of dried leaves


i can't forget your face
or the sound of your voice
it echoes in my head
like whispers in the dark
your smile haunts me
your very image a memory
left with nothing but a memory
sometimes i wake up
so safe in my bed
only to see your eyes
burn into me
and i remember
how i can't escape you
i want to hate you
for making me feel like this
i don't even know you
i can't forget your face


Where is my hat?
For the other day I sat
Accident'ly on my cat
Poor thing LET out a loud cry
As I whispered, "my oh my!"
And it leaped across the room
Which knocked over that old broom

I proceeded to the room
Where the broom had met its doom
It had knocked over my mug
And spilled coffee on the rug
Coffee splashes on my papers
Guess I'll push those deadlines later
Then immediately I noticed
That the carpet now is hopeless

As I watched exaperated
I stood up somewhat elated
In the air, I threw my arms
Then pulled back, and saw no harm
I reached up to scratch instead
To find hat is not on head.


The sickness that stirs inside of me,
Eats at me; mutilating me,
Peeling away my flesh,
A stinging pain with every bite,
I bleed.

Its cold hands strangle me,
Leaving me choking for air,
Losing grasp of the thin fabric of hope,
I bruise.

It mocks me;
Slipping its way into my thoughts,
Torments me and bullies me,

Nobody to save me
Nobody can save me

I cry.
Rendered tired and defenseless,
I cry.


I stand here, dangling, like some half-picked fruit
I am lost; my will punctured
And the memory of hope has washed over me.
When my safe place lies hidden beneath the veils of darkness,
When the last drop of energy has leaked from the tips of my fingers,
I let go.
I retreat into the abyss, allowing it to engulf my being
Released from my fears, as its layers are slowly peeled off of me.
Floating indifferently in black space; a sense of calm returned
And the paralysis fades.
Let the forces within me sink and settle to the bottom
Let these lonely seas wash away all feeling
Only then may I find peace.


I hear music
And it dances all around me.
Even in silence, I move to the rhythm of its ticking
Sending careful whispers of song into my consciousness
Orchestras serenade me and envelope me in their sound.
Its inevitable resonance lines the invisible layers of space that surround me.
They bounce off of imaginary walls and echo in my head
But I move on, protruding into its seamless fabric
As it stretches and pulls, creating a perfect mold of my hands.


I sit here
Watching the rain,
The gentle pitter-patter on the windows,
And admire the beauty of the storm
As I wait for the day
That I find my love
To shield me from the cold.

ninth (noise)

The lion enters the den
The full moon fades tonight
I often dream of flying
Your eyes are like the water that flows from muddy rivers
And for a few fleeting moments I was safe in his arms
You woo me with exotic places where crystal waters ebb
Sometimes the rain camouflages my tears
There is nothing but pain and more pain
Ashes to ashes
We all fall down
Dust to dust
We all fall down
Nevermore? Why!
Life is nothing but a dream
So keep rowing your boat on down the stream
I've got miles to go before I sleep
And I have promises to keep


Dear Gods
I am not worthy of your love
But if you should find me deserving of your compassion
And if you would spare me from this suffering
Grant me the mercy that I crave.


I am the nightmare that disturbs your sleep
I am the root of all havoc
I am the reason that little boys run screaming
I am A-Z-N


Within the confines of the dark
She wears never a smile
To warm the lonely wanderer's heart
An infinite realm of withdrawal
Betrays those glistening eyes
She sits in silence
As she continues to retreat
Never to truly see the light of day again


the self subsides
eyes wide
a wisp of air
skies open
absolute stillness
pure grace


Black star, you shine so brightly
The children of the village tell me
You sing, the children listen
They want to hear you share your story

You sing to all the children
You sing to all the people

Black star, you give a warning
The children of the village tell me.
You see the children playing
And hear the joy and all the laughter
You see the blue birds crying
You see the people there are dying

You warn of pain and suffering
Take heed, don't lose your bearing

Black star you cast your light on me.


I dream of warm beaches;
Sandy shores dampen with forgotten footprints,
While my hand rests safely in his.


Love is the mist wafting gently from the depths
To mask the reality of sorrow, ever creeping
So I stand before the mirror, brushing my hair,
As I watch pieces of me slip away,
A time lapse in slow motion.
Forgotten Anguish.
And a strange realization that I
Will never be happy again.


I smelled defeat.
But did not feel the pain which accompanied my death.
Silently falling forever,
I watched the world slowly fade away into darkness.